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The Trop Juice fruit pulp

The Trop Juice fruit pulp consist on a 100 % natural product obtained from the edible parts of fresh ripe fruits which are carefully selected for use in the processing of pure fruit pulp extraction and subsequently frozen.

The processing and freezing procedure of the pure fruit pulp allows the commercialization and consumption at any time during the year and also brings practicality to your life. The Trop Juice fruit pulp retain all chemical, nutritional and organic characteristics of the fresh fruits and also prolonging the period of they can be consumed (within one year from production date).

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Prepare your juice

You just need 100g of Trop Juice and water (if you like, you can add sugar, brown sugar, honey or sweetener).

  • Add 200 ml of water in a blender.
  • Select your favorite Trop Juice flavor, wash in potable water and make two cuts on it, splitting the pulp in four small slices.
  • Put all in the blender. (can also be prepared with the magic stick).
  • Now, you just need to turn-on the blender for 1 or 2 minutes and that is it!
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About us

The Trop Juice was created to bring to the world the true taste of tropical fruits in the form of fruit pulp , a 100 % natural product, practical and that`s allow you to having at home, at any time of year , the delicious flavors, vitamins and nutrients of the tropical fruits from Brazil.

Our rigorous quality process starts from the selection of fruits that will be used at production until the final destination at our clients, also including the supervision of the whole transportation and storage process of the raw materials and final products.

Our know -how comes from the vast experience and expertise in manufacturing of fruit pulps from the Nutry Polpas group, more than 20 years working at Brazilian market. In 2013, the Nutry Polpas group creates the Premium product, Trop Juice, designed to attempt the international market.


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